The company SHAKTI was created in 2001 by contribution of the Cabinet of Technical Studies Frédéric CHAZALLET created in 1997.
The company has developed on two technological axes: optics and electronics.
This dual competence was expressed in particular by the realization of projects in optronics and especially by the development of products in adaptive optics.
In the year 2000, SHAKTI splitted its activities in 2 societies: SHAKTIWARE and SHAKTICOM.
The first structure was developed around the themes of electronics, image processing and wireless telecommunications. The company acquired in 2012 by the euroCSgroup group is mainly focused on logistics issues.
SHAKTICOM specialized in interferencial filter for optical communications was acquired in 2000 by Highwave Optical Technologies then CILAS in 2003. It is currently dedicated to optical precision processing and is located in Aubagne.
SHAKTI was also behind the creation of Fleet Technologies to operate a SHAKTI patent on the location of vehicles. This company was subsequently acquired by TRAQUEUR in 2011 and is listed on Euronext.
The last company created in 2012 is called ZBLUE and operates a patent on intelligent automatic irrigation.
Since 1997, SHAKTI has filed more than 20 patents on its own behalf or on behalf of clients.
With all its experience, SHAKTI is now dedicated to engineering operations in the optical, electronic and optronic fields.
The company works mainly in project form with a network of consultants resulting from collaborations for more than a decade of former employees of different structures.